Reader's Workshop: Inferring

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Inferring used to be one of those units that I thought would be too to ugh to teach and too abstract for students to understand and demonstrate.  What I've found though, is that it is actually an easy strategy to begin showcasing (modeling/teaching) during read aloud times.  The way I focus on this strategy with my students is to model and guide students during guided reading and read aloud times (mentor texts, chapter book read alouds).  We focus on using textual and pictorial clues along with our schema to make predictions about the text, characterize characters, and define new words (vocabulary).

As you read through the minilessons you'll notice that there aren't many book-specific lessons.  Instead, I try to focus on getting the main bones/structure of the Inferring process down, and then the knowledge we have about Inferring can be applied to any book we are reading independently, in partnerships, or in small groups throughout the year.

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