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Reader's Workshop: Frontloading

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September's Reading Workshop lessons are all about FRONTLOADING students with the necessary skills and information so that they are more successful for subsequent Reading Workshop units.  Mini lessons focus on who reads, why they read, where they read, and when they read, with a HUGE emphasis on how they read.  Students are given many opportunities to practice reading and build their reading endurance.  You will find the "skeleton" mini lesson scope and sequence below as well as any supporting documents that are needed.  Below you will find a collection of pictures including anchor charts, brainstorming sessions, and materials and resources.  You can view the pictures in slideshow, movie, or jpg format.  The pictures are the same in all three formats.  They contain the same pictures you see in the SLIDEROLL film above. 

  • Reading Strategies Scope and Sequence: 

  • Reading Comprehension Strategy Posters: 

  • Frontloading Pictures:     

  • Frontloading Mini Lessons  

  • 87 Days of Reading Motivation/Inspiration/Encouragement

  • Forever Book Homework Sheet      

  • Who, What, When, Where, and Why Reading Homework Sheet      

  • 5 W's of Reading SMARTBoard Notebook File to Support Lesson (pre- 2011)  (2011-2012)

  • Choosing a Working Spot Expectations  

  • Choosing a Reading Partner 

  • Spread out Peanut Butter and Jelly   

  • Book Box Expectations   

  • Building Stamina...Working for Longer Periods of Time   

  • What Kinds of Books Do We Have In our Classroom?   

  • Gotta Keep Reading  

  • LOST in a BOOK 

  • Metacognative Readers... 

  • Metacognative Strategies