Reader's Workshop: Connecting

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After we have finished our Frontloading and Fix Up Strategies units (they never are REALLY finished...we continue to progress monitor, re-teach when necessary, and recap/extend earlier learning), we start our study of Making Connections.  Students learn early on through modeling and think alouds what it means to Make Connections.  We start the unit off by defining and discussing SCHEMA.  I try to make is as concrete as possible (this is done every comprehension strategy). 

It gives them an anchor.  As you read through the minilessons you'll notice that there aren't many book-specific lessons.  Instead, I try to focus on getting the main bones/structure of the Making Connections process down, and then the knowledge we have about Making Connections can be applied to any book we are reading independently, in partnerships, or in small groups throughout the year.

  • Reading Strategies Scope and Sequence: 

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  • Making Connections Mini Lessons  

  • Using our SCHEMA when Reading (Wolves/Foxes in Stories)