Mini Offices

My students use mini office dividers during writing, centers, science, math, and any many other times a divider might be handy.

Portable File Folder Word Walls Full Size Mini Offices Half Size Mini Offices
Seasonal and Thematic Word Walls
with Portability!
Four panel offices that are the height of a regular sized file folder. Four panel offices that are HALF the height of a regular sized file folder.










Half Size Mini Offices

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  • Family Words:

  • Color Words: (2008 - 2009)     (2009 - 2010)

  • Shapes:

  • ABC Chart and Star Words:

  • Days of Week:

  • Months:

  • Student Names: (2008 - 2009)    (2009 - 2010)

  • Tally Marks, Fingers, Numbers, and Numerals:

  • Labels for EARTH, STATE, COUNTRY, COINS, and BIRTHDAY  (2009 - 2010)

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Full Size Mini Offices

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  • Shape Words:

  • Money Chart:

  • Color Words:

  • Days of Week:

  • Word Wall Words:

  • Family Words:

  • Months of Year:

  • ABC & Blends Charts:

  • Left and Right Words:

  • Tally Marks, Fingers, Numerals, and Numbers:

  • ABC Chart:

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Position three manila folders so that you have four sections.  Fasten them together with tape.  Fold the Mini Office to ensure that it will close easily!  If it doesn't you will need to adjust how you positioned the folders.  Make sure they are secured securely.  I used glue sticks to secure them.

Print a copy of all your documents and have them ready.

Have a set of all your purchased items that will be added to the folder ready.

Make a "mock" Mini Office.  Don't secure any of the documents down securely at this point, as you will treat this as a puzzle, and need to rearrange parts of it so that it all fits together nicely.  

Once you have figured out where everything goes, secure them in place.

You can laminate these, but because they are large, I just used packaging tape to laminate them.  It was cheaper. 

I change the Word Wall Word document every two months to reflect our new word wall words.  I didn't want all of the words on there at the beginning of the year, and I also will take some words down third quarter because they will be our "no excuse" words and shouldn't be on the Mini Office.  When I add a new Word Wall chart to the Mini Offices, I'll just tape it over the previous one, and then use packaging tape to laminate it.