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Sentence Strip Patterns
I Can Make a Pattern

Sentence Strip Patterns

Students create a pattern using a labeled (predetermined and preprogrammed by the teacher) sentence strip.  When finished forming the pattern, students use wipe off crayons to continue labeling the pattern.


  • Unifix Cubes, blocks, buttons, or other math manipulatives

  • Wipe Off Crayons

  • Tissues

  • Sentence Strips Preprogrammed:  AB, AAB, ABB, ABC type patterns:

Pattern Blocks
Unifix Cubes      

A SPECIAL "thank you" goes out to Laura B. for creating the UNIFIX (AB, AABB, ABC) and Pattern Block (AABB, ABC) pattern strips!!! 

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I Can Make Patterns

Students use the manipulatives to create and then read various pre-taught patterns (AB, ABB, AAB, ABC, AABB, etc).


  • Math Manipulatives

  • Pattern Recording Sheet

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