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Math Resource Information:  

The documents on this page are created by me and are to be used in correlation with, the 1st Grade Macmillan McGraw 2005 Math Program and/or the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions Program.  Our district used the 2005 resource from 2005-2011.  We just (2011-2012) adopted the Math Expressions resource.  


SMARTboard Files for 2005 Math Resources:  Math Expressions SMARTboard Files are not ready yet!

Chapter 1
Classifying Attributes, Sorting using a Venn Diagram, Recording Data, Tallying, and Graphing using Pictures

Chapter 2
Counting, Reading, Writing, Representing, Comparing, and Ordering Numbers to 20

Chapter 3
Counting, Reading, Writing, Representing, Comparing, and Ordering Numbers to 31

Chapter 4
Modeling, Solving, and Writing Addition and Subtraction Problems

Chapter 5
Ways to Make 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Chapter 6
Adding Zero, Adding Across or Down, Adding in Any Order, Drawing a Picture to Problem Solve Addition Word Problems

Chapter 7
Subtracting from 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10; Finding Missing Numbers; Subtraction Word Problems

Chapter 8
Subtracting Facts to 10; Subtracting Across and Down; Using Fact Families to Add and Subtract

Chapter 9
Counting on 1, 2, or 3; Adding Facts to 12

Chapter 10
Counting back 1, 2, or 3; Subtracting Facts to 12, Related Subtraction Facts

Chapter 11
Relating Addition and Subtraction, Using Fact Families to Add and Subtract

Chapter 12
Reading, Making, and Using Bar Graphs

Chapter 13
Counting, Reading, Writing, and Representing Numbers to 100

Chapter 14
Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100; Identifying and Extending Skip-Counting Patterns; Identifying Odd and Even Numbers

Chapter 15
Identifying Coin Names and Values; Finding the Value of a Set of Coins

Chapter 16
Identifying Quarters and Dollars Names and Values; Comparing Money Amounts

Chapter 17
Adding Facts to 18; Adding Three Numbers

Chapter 18
Using Doubles to Subtract; Solving Fact Families; Finding Related Subtraction Facts; Relating Addition to Subtraction

Chapter 19 & 20
Exploring Time; Reading a Clock; Telling Time to the Hour; Telling Time to the Half Hour; Estimating Time; Using a Calendar

Chapter 21
Exploring Length; Measuring in Inches; Learning about Inch and Foot; Understanding Measurement; Measuring in Centimeters

Chapter 22
Exploring Weight; Comparing Cups, Pints, and Quarts; Comparing Weights to a Pound; Comparing Capacity to a Liter; Learning about Grams and Kilograms, Measuring Temperature

Chapter 23
Identify, Name, and Compare 2- and 3-dimensional Shapes/Figures.

Chapter 24
Identify Open and Closed Shapes

Chapter 25
Identify Parts of a Whole, Identify Fractional Parts of a Group

Chapter 26
Compare Fractions, Identify Likelihood of an Event

Chapter 27
Adding and Subtracting Facts to 20, Relating Subtraction and Addition