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# Cube Toss Graph
Spin, Build, and Graph
Class Book of Graphs
Spin, Tally, and Graph

Spin, Tally, and Graph

Students work independently after a mini lesson on spinning, tallying, and graphing results.  They spin their spinner, tally the results, and then create a bar graph.  After another mini lesson about how to read a bar graph and interpret results, students spend time reading their bar graph and interpret their data.


  • Pencils

  • Transparent Spinners 

  • Spin, Tally, and Graph Recording Sheets  

Class Book of Graphs

Students sit in two rows facing each other.  Tell the class that they will be creating a new class book. The pages will be graphs, and today they will be working to complete the graphs.  Distribute the class graph pages (one per student).   Explain that each student will have a different graph (question).  Instruct students to sit knee-to-knee and to ask their partner the question and to allow their partner to respond by filling in their response on the graph sheet.  Once both partners have responded, have one group move one space down and the last person in line comes to the front.  Repeat the procedure.  Once finished, allow time for students to read/share their information gathered from their page's graph.   Assemble the book!


  • Pencils or Crayons

  • Clip Boards

  • Graph Print Outs  

#s Cube Toss Graph

Students roll the dice, count the dots, and record their roll on the number cube graph sheet.


  • Pencils or Crayons

  • Dice

  • # Toss Graph Recording Sheet  

Spin and Build

Students spin, identify the color, add onto their building and record their spin on the LEGO graph recording sheet.


  • LEGO Blocks

  • LEGO Color Spinner

  • LEGO Block Graph

  • Crayons



Literature Tie-Ins
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seaweed.soup.jpg (61142 bytes) Seaweed Soup Murphy S. MathStart1 Matching Sets (1:1 Correspondence)
Sorting Pluckrose 1 Sorting (78237 bytes) The Button Box Reid Sorting
graphs.jpg (56407 bytes) Graphs Bader All Aboard Math Reader Graphing (42503 bytes) Fair is Fair Dussling Math Matters Graphing (96999 bytes) Lemonade for Sale Murphy S. MathStart3    #1   Bar Graphs
Less Than Zero Murphy, S. MathStart3 Line Graphs
measuring.penny.jpg (40840 bytes) Measuring Penny Leedy 1 Sharing Results in a Chart/Graph/Report (90115 bytes) The Best Vacation Ever Murphy, S. MathStart2     #1   Collecting Data, Creating Chart
tiger.math.jpg (49037 bytes) Tiger Math Whitehead 1 Graphs
harriets.halloween.candy.gif (10215 bytes) Harriet's Halloween Candy Carlson 1 Graphing, Sorting, Classifying, Comparing  
1 Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles   Furchgott 1 Graphs
1 What Do You Mean by Average? Means, Medians & Modes James 1 Graphs
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The Great Graph Contest Leedy 1 Graphs
tikki.jpg (63109 bytes) Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel 1 Graphs (53155 bytes) Earth Day, Hooray! Murphy, S.   MathStart3   Graphs
peppers.journal.jpg (40918 bytes) Pepper's Journal: A Kitten's First Year Murphy, S.   MathStart2   Graphs
where.the.sidewalk.ends.jpg (59820 bytes) Hungry Mungry   Silverstein #1 Graphing
the.three.pigs.jpg (39706 bytes) The Three Pigs   Wiesner 1 Graphing
the.mouse.who.owned.the.sun.gif (24426 bytes) The Mouse Who Owned the Sun Derby 1 Graphing, Analyzing Data (13557 bytes) Who's Got Spots? Aber Math Matters   Graphing, Charts  
Stellaluna Cannon 1 Graphing, Comparing  
1 The Usborne Book of Facts and Lists Bresler 11 Graphing, Data (41004 bytes) Red is Best Stineson 1 Graphing, Data  
cloudy.with.a.chance.of.meatballs.jpg (74871 bytes) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Barret 1 Graphing, Data Collecting  
You're a Hero Daley B   Blake 1 Graphing, Data Collecting  
1 County Fair   Gibbons 1 Graphing, Data Collecting 
the.cow.buzzed.jpg (20570 bytes) The Cow Buzzed Zimmerman   1 Graphing, Data Recording  
sams.sneaker.squares.jpg (14329 bytes) Sam’s Sneaker Squares Gabriel Math Matters   Graphing, Problem Solving  
the.grizzly.gazette.gif (24163 bytes) The Grizzly Gazette Murphy, S.   MathStart3   Graphing, Surveys/Polls, Percentages  
The Day Gogo Went To Vote Sisulu 1 Graphing, Voting  
barts.amazing.charts.jpg (19379 bytes) Bart's Amazing Charts Ochiltree 1 Graphing