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Spin a Shape

Tangram Patterns and Pictures

Geoboard Patterns and Pictures

Pattern Block Pictures

Play Dough Shapes and Patterns

Color and Shape Puzzles

Cube Toss: Shapes

3-Dimensional Shape Sorts

3-Dimensional Shape Search

Connect 4 Shapes

Color and Shape Puzzles

Students assemble 5-piece puzzles while learning about colors and shapes.  Puzzles are two-sided (shapes on one side and colors on the reverse).


  • Color and Shape Puzzles by Scholastic's Teacher's Friend 

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Play Dough Shapes and Patterns

Students roll play dough "snakes" to create shapes and other patterns.  Simply print the templates and then laminate or slide into page protectors!


  • Shape & Pattern Templates

  • Play Dough

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Spin a Shape

Students spin, read the shape, and record it.


  • Color Spinner

  • Color Sheet

  • Spinners

  • Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow Crayons/Markers

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Tangram Patterns and Pictures

Students view Tangram Puzzle  Pictures and re-create them on the template using Tangrams. 


  • Tangrams

  • Tangram Puzzle Pictures

  • Tangram Adventure Book by McRuffy

  • Tangram Blocks Exploration Book

  • Tangramables Book

    Tangram Blocks™ Explorations Tangramables™

Geoboard Patterns and Pictures

Students view Geoboard Patterns and Pictures and re-create them on their Geoboards with rubber bands. 


  • Geoboards

  • Rubber Bands

  • Geoboard Patterns

  • Geoboard Pictures

  • Geoboard Pictures & Patterns Puzzle Packs by McRuffy

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Pattern Block Pictures

Students use Pattern Block Pictures and use pattern blocks to create the picture.  I have the Pattern Animals book.  I laminated copies of the pictures for students to use. 


  • Pattern Blocks

  • Pattern Block Pictures:

  • Pattern Block Pictures & Block Symmetry Packs

    Pattern Animals: Patterns for Pattern Blocks

    Pattern Block Picture Pattern Cards  

    Kelly's Kindergarten: Pattern Block Picture Templates (free!)

    Karen Cox's Pattern Block Picture Templates (free!)

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Puzzles For Pattern Blocks Pattern Animals    Pattern Block Picture Pattern Cards

Cube Toss Shapes

Students toss a 6-sided cube, identify the shape that they rolled, and then record their toss on the recording sheet.


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3-Dimensional Shape Sorts

Students sort wooden geometric solids utilizing a sorting mat.


  • Geometric Solids (Shapes)

  • Sorting Mats  

Connect 4 SHAPES

Played just like the "real" version of the game Connect 4.  Students partner up, select a chip (distinguishable from their partner's chip), and play begins when one player selects a "cell" from the bottom row.  The player must read the cell's contents correctly before placing their chip/counter.  Players should try to block their opponent.  Play ends when a player "connects" four cells in a row (diagonally, horizontally, vertically). 


  • Game Board (preprogrammed)  (blank)
  • Counters 

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3 Dimensional Shape Search

Go on a shape hunt around the classroom or school (whole group, small group, in partnerships, or independently!


  • Shape Search Sheet
  • Clip Boards
  • Pencils 


Literature Tie-Ins
Cover Title Author Online Resources Math Focus
a.cloak.for.the.dreamer.jpg (67902 bytes) A Cloak for the Dreamer Friedman 1 Shapes, Tessellations (64004 bytes) A Fly on the Ceiling Glass Step Into Reading Math Ordered Pairs (58419 bytes) Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes Murphy, S. MathStart2 Shapes
circus.shapes.jpg (53358 bytes) Circus Shapes Murphy, S. MathStart1 Shapes
cubes.cones.cylinders.and.spheres.jpg (57441 bytes) Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres  Hoban 1 Shapes
eight.hands.around.gif (49107 bytes) Eight Hands Round  Paul #1 Shapes [quilting patterns]
grandfather.tangs.story.jpg (46102 bytes) Grandfather Tang's Story  Tompert 1 Shapes, Tangrams, Spatial Sense
mummy.math.jpg (63387 bytes) Mummy Math  Neuschwander 1 3-D Shapes (68341 bytes) Round is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes Thong 1 Shapes
shape.of.things.jpg (59423 bytes) Shape of Things Dodds 1 Shapes
shape.up.jpg (52373 bytes) Shape Up! Adler 1 Shapes
sir.circumference.and.the.dragon.ofpi.jpg (67228 bytes) Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi:  A Math Adventure Neuschwander 1 Circles
sir.cumference.and.the.great.knight.of.angleland.jpg (63128 bytes) Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland:  A Math Adventure Neuschwander 1 Angles
sir.sircumference.and.the.first.round.table.jpg (69897 bytes) Sir Cumference and the First Round Table:  A Math Adventure Neuschwander #1 Circumference (36754 bytes) Sir Circumference and the Sword in the Cone Neuschwander #1 Geometry, Cones (63912 bytes) So Many Circles, So Many Squares Hoban 1 Shapes
the.greedy.triangle.jpg (75519 bytes) The Greedy Triangle Burns #1  #2  #3  #4 Shapes (56076 bytes) The Shape Game Browne 1 Shapes
the.wing.on.a.flea.jpg (25198 bytes) The Wing on a Flea Emberly 1 Shapes (51700 bytes) Three Pigs, One Wolf, Seven Shapes Maccarone Hello Math Reader Shapes, Tangrams
twizzlers.shapes.and.patterns.jpg (40314 bytes) Twizzler's Shapes and Patterns Pallotta Hello Math Reader Shapes, Tangrams
whats.your.angle.pythagoras.jpg (47337 bytes) What's Your Angle Pythagoras Ellis 11 Angles (59795 bytes) X Marks the Spot Penner 1 Ordered Pairs
Shapes Pluckrose 1 Shapes
pigs.on.the.ball.gif (61432 bytes) Pigs on the Ball Axelrod 1 Shapes (29357 bytes) Bear in a Square Blackstone 1 Shapes
1 Listen to a Shape Brown 1 Shapes
1 The Ellipse Charosh 1 Ellipses
whats.your.angle.pythagoras.jpg (47337 bytes) What's Your Angle, Pythagoras Ellis 1 Angles (45615 bytes) Shape Space Falwell 1 Shapes
the.village.of.round.and square.houses.jpg (30608 bytes) The Village of Round and Square Houses Grifalconi 1 Shapes
1 Circles, Triangles, and Squares Hoban 1 Shapes
1 Round and Round and Round Hoban 1 Shapes
shapes.shapes.shapes.jpg (72171 bytes) Shapes, Shapes, Shapes Hoban 1 Shapes (63912 bytes) So Many Circles, So Many Squares Hoban 1 Shapes
changes.changes.jpg (21549 bytes) Changes, Changes Hutchins 1 Shapes
clocks.and.more.clocks.jpg (110373 bytes) Clocks and More Clocks Hutchins #1 Shapes
shrinking.mouse.jpg (8287 bytes) Shrinking Mouse Hutchins 1 Shapes
the.quilt.jpg (9727 bytes) The Quilt Jonas 1 Shapes (49426 bytes) The Snowy Day Keats 1 Shapes
pyramid.jpg (91485 bytes) Pyramid Macaulay 1 Pyramid (12039 bytes) Eye Spy Shapes: A Peephole Book MacKinnon 1 Shapes
icky.bug.shapes.jpg (11736 bytes) Icky Bug Shapes Pallotta 1 Shapes
1 Exploring Triangles: Paper Folding Phillips 1 Shapes
1 My Full Moon is Square Pinzes 1 Shapes
chickens.on.the.move.jpg (57881 bytes) Chickens on the Move Pollack Math Matters Shapes (15828 bytes) The Shapes Game Rogers 1 Shapes
circles.gif (62324 bytes) Circles Ross 1 Shapes
round.and.square.jpg (20263 bytes) Round and Square Schlein 1 Shapes
1 The Boy with Square Eyes Snape 1 Shapes
the.enormous.turnip.gif (29370 bytes) The Enormous Turnip Tolstoy 1 Tangrams
maebelles.suitcase.jpg (9031 bytes) Maebelle’s Suitcase Tusa 1 Shapes (17655 bytes) The Mirror Puzzle Book Walter 1 Shapes
1 Louise Builds a House Pfanner 1 Geometry [architectural shapes] (16640 bytes) Lost: A Story of String Fleischmann 1 Geometry [architecture]
Kitten Castle Friedman Math Matters Shapes
pancakes.for.breakfast.jpg (116723 bytes) Pancakes for Breakfast de Paola 1 Circles
jack.and.the.beanstalk.jpg (77347 bytes) Jack and the Beanstalk Kellogg 1 Coordinate Plane, Pythagorean Theorem
the.fine.round.cake.jpg (18686 bytes) The Fine Round Cake Esterl 1 Shapes
round.trip.jpg (52415 bytes) Round Trip Jonas 1 Positive and Negative Shapes
the.secret.birthday.message.jpg (57864 bytes) The Secret Birthday Message Carle 1 Shapes (64011 bytes) My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes Sutton 1 Solid Shapes
The Warlord's Puzzle Pilegard 1 Tessellations
flat.stanley.jpg (59066 bytes) Flat Stanley Brown 1 2-D & 3-D
Flat Stanley Again Brown 1 2-D and 3-D Shapes
cubes.cones.cylinders.and.spheres.jpg (57441 bytes) Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres Hoban 1 3-D Shapes [in everyday life]
1 Angles are as Easy as Pie Froman 1 Angles
1 Right Angles: Paper Folding Phillips 1 Angles
1 Building a Bridge Begaye 11 Blocks
weregoingonabearhunt.jpg (25801 bytes) We're Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen 1 Directionality
1 Straight Lines, Parallel Lines, and Perpendicular Lines Charosh 1 Lines (115760 bytes) Treasure Map Murphy, S. MathStart3 Mapping (16280 bytes) A Lion in the Night Allen 1 Mapping [vocabulary]
The Case of the Backyard Treasure Rocklin 1 Maps
wheres.that.bone.jpg (17027 bytes) Where's That Bone? Penner Math Matters Maps, Directionality
Opt: An Illusionary Tale Baum 1 Optical Illusions (7701 bytes) Bugs: Read and Do Book Moffatt Hello Reader Math Paper Folding, Art
the.greatest.gymnist.of.all.jpg (118505 bytes) The Greatest Gymnast of All Murphy, S. MathStart2

Positional Words

1 Shapes Bendick 1 Shapes
1 A Kiss is Round Budney 1 Shapes
moles.hill.gif (17640 bytes) Mole's Hill: A Woodland Tale Ehlert 1 Shapes
when.a.line.bends.a.shape.begins.gif (21616 bytes) When a Line Bends, a Shape Begins Greene 11 Shapes
11 Shapes to Know Gundersheimer 1 Shapes
shapes.and.things.jpg (12271 bytes) Shapes and Things Hoban 1 Shapes
sweet.clara.and.the.freedom.quilt.jpg (14523 bytes) Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Hopkinson 1 Shapes
1 Are You Square? Kessler 11 Shapes
The Silly Story of Goldie Locks & the Three Squares MacCarone Hello Reader Math Shapes
1 Red Bear’s Fun with Shapes Rikys 1 Shapes
1 Shapes Schlein 1 Shapes
1 Snail, Where are You Ungerer 1 Shapes (30950 bytes) It Looked Like Spilt Milk Shaw 1 Shapes (23662 bytes) A Triangle for Adaora: An African Book of Shapes Onvefulu 1 Shapes [in nature]
over.under.through.jpg (12985 bytes) Over, Under, and Through Hoban 1 Spatial Awareness (32006 bytes) Pigs in the Corner Axelrod 1 Spatial Sense, Directionality
hamster.champs.jpg (76013 bytes) Hamster Champs Murphy, S. MathStart3 Speed, Distance (38845 bytes) Draw Me a Star Carle 1 Stars
1 The Tangram Magician  Ernst  1 Tangrams  
1 It Was Halloween Night: Scary Story with Tangrams Maccarone Hello Reader Math Tangrams