Homework: Calendars and Bags

Our school doesn't mandate homework.  I've tried several approaches to homework:

  1. Homework Calendars

  2. Homework Bags

  3. Reading Logs + Random Math, Handwriting, or Other

Currently, my students self-select reading books to read at home.  They may also have a reading book from our Guided Reading group or Reading Conference time.  They read the books to their parents and fill out a reading log.  In addition, they might have a math sheet to complete (from our math resource).  I also occasionally assign a handwriting sheet.  In the beginning these are general sheets that everyone gets, but then they become more tailored to what letters/numbers the student needs to work toward perfecting.  On more rare occasions, I assign other homework.  For example, during our mapping project, students design/create/draw their bedroom and neighborhood maps. 

Reading Log:

Below, you will find two resources that I do not currently used anymore.  The first is from Argentina Back and the second is from when I taught Kindergarten several years ago.  Feel free to use either as you wish. 

Homework Calendars

The following message and document are from Argentina Back.  Please email Argentina with questions and comments.


The dates on the calendars are from the school year 2004-2005. The ideas can just be copied into a current calendar for those who want to use them this year. I usually put the calendar in one of those three prong folders from Wal-Mart and then add enough of the homework sheets (included in the attachment) for the kids to do the homework on. I send it home on Mondays with my newsletter and any other school notes. I collect it on Fridays and take a quick look through them to make sure the homework was getting done. Sometimes I would include a handwriting sheet or math in addition to what was on the calendar. Every month I would change out the calendar and add the correct amount of homework sheets for that month. If anyone has any questions they can always email me (Argentina Back).

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Homework Bags

Click on the pictures below to see larger photos of the bags.  Click HERE for each bag's directions and materials sheet.

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Creating the Bags

  1. I first began collecting books, journals, games, flash cards, and other extension activities and decided on the bag themes.

  2. I purchased canvas bags from Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.  You can get them on sale for about a $1 each.

  3. I wanted mine to close, so I sewed VELCRO to the insides on the top.  That was very easy to do and it works!

  4. I then added labels to identify the bags, where they belong (my classroom), and who  has worked with the bag.

  5. I bought "book rings" or "loose leaf paper" rings and "name badge holders" from Wal-Mart (office supplies).

  6. To store the bags, I wanted them to be "mobile" so I purchased a rolling garment rack that extends up and down.

  7. I recently switched to using shower curtain hooks to hang the bags (Winnie the Pooh).

  8. This year (2007), I changed my checkout system.  I have a "library" card pocket for each bag that is labeled with the bag's number and title.  It also has a class list grid for me to keep track of who's had which bag.  I no longer have the class grid on the back of the homework bag's tag as seen in the upper right picture.  That way I do the name crossing off and students don't have to take the tags in and out to check/cross off their name.

  9. When students check out a bag, they take their picture stick (green cup) and put it into the correct pocket.  When they return the bag, they hang it on the garment rack and I go through it and then remove their picture stick and check/cross their name off of the name grid on the homework bag pocket.  So far it has seemed to work well.

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