Time Filler Games

SMARTboard Fun

Pop some bubble wrap, carve a pumpkin, create a snowflake, design your wild-self, make a snowman, or decorate a gingerbread cookie!  You need the SmartNotebook software to view/use these files:  http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Support/SBS/.

SMARTboard Fun File

100s Chart Pictures/Designs

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I print a bunch of 100s grids at the beginning of the year so that I always have them on hand.  They are great for many activities, this one is no exception - - The kids love this "game" - - and it hones in on so many great math skills, too!  To play, distribute a 100s grid to each student.  Select a "picture" and begin prompting students to shade in a cell by prompting them to do so.  Each prompt can be unique to fit your students' needs.  For example, you could say, "please shade in the cell that is 3 + 12.  Now shade in the cell that has 4 tens and 9 ones."  These are just a few examples!  

Download the 100 grids HERE, and download SAMPLE LETTER PROMPTS and PICTURE PROMPTS!  Please note, that the picture designs came from dedicated teachers just like you!  If you are the author of one of the designs, please email me with your name and I will give you authorship credit.  I believe the letter designs came from Marcy Cook.  These and other great 100 chart activities can be found in Marcy Cook's 100 chart books: http://www.marcycookmath.com/chartbks.htm

"I Have ___, Who Has ____"

For the game, "I Have" - - students are given a handful of playing cards.  To get the playing cards, print them, and  then cut them.  They can be printed on business cards, but regular copy paper works well too.  I store the game in a plastic, vinyl index card box that I bought at Walgreens   for 99.   The student with the START card begins.  Play ends when the student with the DONE card finishes.  You may want to begin with fewer words or numbers at the beginning of the year.  These are the templates I used at
the end of 1st grade.  They loved this game! 

Download the NUMBERS game here, and download the WORDS game here!  Be sure to allow enough time to complete the game.  I'd say that on the average, my students could complete the game in roughly 15 minutes.  Feel free to adapt the document to fit your class' needs!  

I Have Game