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 6 - 24 - 12 Update: 

Our district adopted Math Expressions as a resource last August, 2011.  I remember sitting in the training session and feeling  an overwelming sense of sadness overcome me as I heard the words, "You will no longer have a calendar time."  So we didn't! It was definitely a paradigm shift for me, especially since I spent SO MUCH time creating the SMARTboard files and calendar binder/journal files.  Ugh!  What to do?!  I did what I normally do and followed the directions!  I didn't have a calendar time!  It was hard at first, but to be honest, there just wasn't time!  Our math time used to be 45 minutes max, but with Math Expressions it was taking over an hour to get through the lessons! 

At the end of the year we learned that the entire Math Expressions resource was getting updated to ensure that it more closely matches the common core state standards.  While I did NOT do calendar last year, I have decided to add A FEW bits and pieces back into our daily routine.  So....I have completely updated my calendar routine to align with the common core state standards.  Several calendar pages are now incorporated into our Morning Meeting routine!  In addition to a Morning Meeting, we also have a separate Math Routines time.  If you are familiar with Math Expressions, you know what I'm talking about!  ;-) 

  • NEW Version of Calendar Math (directions, ccc alignment)
  • OLD Version of Calendar Math  (directions, ccc alignment)

I've decided to leave up the "old" calendar files (they've been updated to reflect the new year (2012-2013).  For those that wish to adapt the files, feel free to do so!   

The (above) yearly calendar files are free; however, if you happen to find them particularily helpful and wish to contribute toward the time it takes to update them every year, then feel free to make a small donation.  It's not necessary though.  I am happy to help YOU, even though I no longer am able to use these in my classroom.

Please understand that these are SMARTboard files-- made with SMART notebook software.  You can visit my SMARTboard page for information about which Interactive Whiteboards support SMART notebook files.

I store the SMARTboard calendar files on different servers "in the cloud" - you can visit any of the sites to download the files.  You should be able to just click and download, because they are not zipped files.  I have also stored them on my site's server as zipped files.  If you do not know how to unzip a file, you can view this short tutorial, or download from the "in the cloud" servers that I have uploaded them to instead-- Copy (first row) or Dropbox (second row).

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