100th Day of School Activities

This page highlights a few ideas that I've done over the past few years for the 100th day of school.

100 Words


by www.atozteacherstuff.com

Students get a clip board and a pencil and roam the room to find and write down 100 words.  No duplicate words are allowed!

100th Day Hat


I precut tag board in 1/2 which creates "two" hats.  Students select the color they want and then create the number 100 in glitter.  After, they visit the "craft" store and go "shopping" for 10 groups of 10 different craft supplies.  Then the designing begins!

Race to 100


Students roll their dice, read the number, and color squares on a 100s grid to represent the number they rolled.  First to reach 100 wins!  

100s Day Collection #1 



Student Collection Sheet  

100s Day Collection #2 



Student Collection Sheet  

100 Day Window Bead Chains

Challenge them to find 10 groups of 10 differently colored beads and to string the beads onto the string in groups of 10.  This is a great tool to use for counting by 10s, and it also looks pretty hanging in the window at home, too!

100s Chart Hidden Sticker Challenge

Write numbers to 100 on white sticky dot stickers.  Hide the dots around the classroom.  Challenge students to find the dots and then to place them onto the 100s chart by matching the numbers.

Write to 100

 adding machine paper pictures

The children work collaboratively to write to 100 on adding machine tape.  They use two different colored markers and then take turns making the numbers.

Name Patterns on a 100s Chart


(sorry for the crummy screenshot- - but you get the idea...)

Give each child an empty 100s board chart. Students are to write their name over and over again until the whole board is filled. They then color each letter a different color (i.e. all "M's" are red, all "A's" are blue and so forth).

Students create a 100s day book by responding to the page prompts.

100 Numbers


Students are challenged to write numbers to 100 on an empty 100s chart. 

100 Board Designs


Give students a 100s chart and then call out numbers. 

100 Day Snack


Give students an empty zipper bag.  Put out 10 food stations and have students visit each station to create their very own 100 snack by taking 10 of each item from each station.  Class favorites include pretzels, chocolate chips, M&Ms, mini marshmallows, cheerios, gummy bears, Kix, Cheez-Its, raisins, and Goldfish crackers. 

Count Up to the 100th Day of School Puzzle


(calendar wall)

Every day of school students add a piece to our 100s day puzzle.  The kids love this activity - - we do it during our morning calendar routine.